False Eyelash On a Bar Napkin

It’s been some time since my last post. I could detail the last year of writing, applying to (and subsequent rejection from) various arts organizations. I could detail my crippling insecurity…an all too familiar story for those in the arts.

…instead I’ll mention that my most recent publication came as a surprise, as I genuinely didn’t know the piece had even been accepted! I discovered this fact as I opened up my complimentary copy in today’s mail. False Eyelash On a Bar Napkin is about my experience doing drag, and is published in the Stonewall 50 issue of RFD (one of the oldest queer publications around!) This issue features gorgeous artwork (and a cover) from Doug Sandelin. Keep your eyes peeled for the online version – or, better, yet – go out and buy a copy, supporting queer arts!!