Lambda Nomination! New Poetry Video!


Two exciting pieces of news! First off, the Trans Homo…Gasp! anthology has been nominated for LAMBDA Award! My poem “Brother Outsider” is included in this anthology, and I am thrilled to be a small part of a 2018 LAMBDA finalist! Editors Peter Bailey and Avi Ben-Zeev created a book that fills a need, and does so with warmth and humanity. Check it out today!

Secondly, it has been one year since the release of my first poetry video, “Not Your Daddy,” directed by Fred Gebhardt. To celebrate, we are in pre-production on a new movie! This new film will be a much larger production, with different shooting locations, costumes, actors, and even visual effects. The film adapts “That Particular Moment,” a poem featured in the Winter 2017 RFD. We begin shooting this month, and the film will be released this April!