“That Particular Moment” – Teaser Trailer!

Just released – the teaser trailer for my second feature poetry video!

The full length video will premier soon – be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel so you can be the first to learn of its premier!!

This film was a larger production than “Not Your Daddy”, shot on location with a production crew. It is truly beautiful! Once again directed by the talented Fred Gebhardt, it features stunning visuals and color. The film even features an original score from Dexter Britain.

Published in RFD #172, this poem is about how HIV/AIDS continues to impact a generation of gay men, even in the face of PrEP. It is an extremely personal poem, began at Honoring Our Experience – a Shanti retreat at Saratoga Springs, facilitated by Gregg Cassin. “That Particular Moment” began as a letter to AIDS, and evolved into a reflection on the role of HIV in contemporary gay culture.

Be sure to watch for the full length film, coming soon!

Lambda Nomination! New Poetry Video!


Two exciting pieces of news! First off, the Trans Homo…Gasp! anthology has been nominated for LAMBDA Award! My poem “Brother Outsider” is included in this anthology, and I am thrilled to be a small part of a 2018 LAMBDA finalist! Editors Peter Bailey and Avi Ben-Zeev created a book that fills a need, and does so with warmth and humanity. Check it out today!

Secondly, it has been one year since the release of my first poetry video, “Not Your Daddy,” directed by Fred Gebhardt. To celebrate, we are in pre-production on a new movie! This new film will be a much larger production, with different shooting locations, costumes, actors, and even visual effects. The film adapts “That Particular Moment,” a poem featured in the Winter 2017 RFD. We begin shooting this month, and the film will be released this April!

RFD and New Work!


I am honored and excited to have two poems published in RFD 172. RFD, published since 1974, has been long associated with the Radical Faeries. Over the years, the magazine has featured many writers and poets I admire.

My first piece,  Experience Song, is a response to an academic essay by Joan Scott and Judith Butler. This song engages with postmodern ideas of epistemology and identity politics. The second poem, That Particular Moment, is about surviving the AIDS epidemic, while struggling to find a place and feeling anachronistic around newer generations.

I opened the issue that arrived in today’s mail. It is beautiful, filled with amazing color artwork, essays, and poetry!! Please check it out! I am thrilled to be in an issue featuring an interview with Ian Young – editor of The Male Muse – the first anthology of gay male poetry I ever owned, published by the late John Gill at Crossing Press.


And here’s some news for 2018… pre-production has started on a new poetry video, once again directed by the talented Fred Gebhardt. The new video will be a filmed treatment of That Particular Moment. Stay tuned for more info!

Brother Outsider – Trans Homo Gasp Book Launch

Trans Homo…GASP! is hot off the presses! This groundbreaking book examines love and relationships between gay transmen and cis gendered gay men – hence the title Trans Homo.

Get your copy HERE!

I am proud to be a small part of such an important work – my poem “Brother Outsider” (referring to Audre Lorde’s work) is included. Here is a video of me reading that poem at the book launch:

“Brother Outsider”


I’m excited and honored to have my poem, “Brother Outsider” featured in the forthcoming book Trans Homo…GASP! Gay FTM and Cis Men On Sex And Love, edited by Avi Ben-Zeev and Pete Bailey. This title will be published by Transgress Press later in 2017, and features interviews and essays. I am also thrilled to be published in the same book as one of my heroes, Buck Angel!

My poem is about toxic masculinity, and how cis and trans men can together redefine the concept of manhood.

You can pre-order a copy of the book HERE.

Reading last night at Quiet Lightning was a great experience!  sPARKLE + bLINK 86 (gorgeous, no?) will soon be online! Also received a check for my poem – a rare treat for a poet! Meeting other poets and sharing work was a needed shot of inspiration!